HOTSPOT WiFi2Sky – English

The idea of this experiment came to me by analyzing the functioning of internet access which is now proposed in airplanes :

They work for the most part (to my knowledge) with an attentive internet connection of SATELLITES present ABOVE the plane, this type of connection is therefore expensive and does not allow the flow forcing important

So why not use a careful access from below? coming from the earth and so faster? simply because a plane passes over the land and the sea which makes the cover random

My idea is the following: why not experience access from the ground from an airliner, leisure, para-engine … summarizes a flying machine over the proposed emission area !

To do this, I simply positioned a WiFi access point facing the sky :

The hardware used is a UBIQUITI NanoStationM2 that transmits on the 2.4Ghz band

Ubiquiti NanoStation Loco M2

Here is the approximate position on a FlightAware map and Google Maps, the position is between Nancy (54) and Charmes (88)

If you find this network it’s won 🙂

HAVE YOU CRUISE OR USE THIS NETWORK, please write to me or write me a comment below